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Women We Love Wednesday - Hillary Barney

I strongly believe that it is very important for a woman to find a mentor to look up to and learn from when she is starting her career. Even when you don't know what you want to do, it's important to find people that will become a positive part of your tribe. For me, I've had many amazing women influence me while I was on my journey to finding my career. One of those women is Hillary Barney. She is a graphic designer for an awesome company called Petite Lemon, and a mom to two gorgeous girls. I had the honor of working for Hillary as her nanny. During my time as Hillary's employee, I got to see Hillary's creative spirit and was in awe of her ability to balance motherhood and being a working mom. When I think of strong and creative women, Hillary is among the first people to come to mind. And I am so excited that she is our Women We Love Wednesday Spotlight!!!

(Hillary with her hubby Caleb)


1.) What is your definition of Girl Power?

Girl Power to me is having self confidence. Being confident in what you are doing and having the will to follow through. It's never judging others and helping bring others up when they are down.

2.) What do you look for in a female mentor? Who are some women that inspire you?

I look for a woman who is real. Someone who has been through the good and bad. Someone who knows how to treat people and get things done. My mom inspires me because she is always positive. Michelle Obama is a great inspiration to me. I love how she carries herself and her confidence. I love Emma Watson. I have loved watching her grow up and hearing her take a stand for gender equality.

3.) What is your favorite part of your job?

I love being creative, learning new things and watching our company grow. It's exciting!

(Some of Hillary's stunning designs)

4.) What do you think every young professional woman should know when they start in their career?

Don't be afraid. We are all in this together. Don't let your insecurities get in the way. Embrace them. Embrace yourself. You are going to have ups and downs. Learn from all of your experiences. It's okay to break down and cry for an hour. It's okay to laugh and have fun. Connect with people, be interested in their stories and learn what you can from everyone.

5.) What do YOU think has been your best accomplishment?

This is hard one. I think raising kind-hearted and willful girls is my BEST accomplishment. I love when my oldest goes on a playdate, hearing all of the wonderful things people have to say about her. I just know the younger one will learn so much from her. My second best accomplishment is being a part of a growing company. We have grown so much as a company and I have grown so much as a person because of it.

(Hillary's daughters Lily and June wearing Petite Lemon shirts)


You can check out HIllary's awesome designs on her Instagram: @hillarydesigner

You can also check out Petite Lemon and their adorable products here: 



Happy Mother's Day!!


This Sunday is the day we celebrate moms. We thank them for their love and support. We appreciate the nights that they stayed up with us when we were sick, and didn't quit until we felt better. We are grateful for their strength that pulled us through the toughest of times, and their quick thinking to get us out of the stickiest of situations. We applaud them for the grace they show even when they are buried under dirty laundry, puke, and/or boogers. They are the real superheroes. 

I am not a mom (unless you count my dog, Buttons, and my cat, Taffy). But I am surrounded by so many amazing mothers, and I am so blessed to be able to know them. My own mom being one of them. She was a single mom who raised 2 girls on her own. She kicked butt and made a career for herself, and she was always there for her daughters. She taught me how to be an independent woman, and she never wanted me to lose my sassiness. Mama, I know there were probably times where you weren't sure if you were doing the whole parenting thing right, but you totally did. And I think I got so lucky to get to have you for a mom. 

Director of Sales and Marketing Arielle, with her mom

Customer Experience Manager Shay with her mom

We have moms here at OWB, and I can't say enough what an incredible example these women are to me. Angie, Denise, and Brooke are all amazing mommies. I watch them juggle between their work roles and their roles as parents and it's nothing short of awesome. I've seen Angie write product descriptions while getting her little boy lunch, I've seen Denise have a phone call with her daughter about school assignments while placing an order with a supplier in China. If someone ever says that it can't be done, they just need to look at these women. They inspire me everyday to be better as a person, and at my job. I admire them greatly.

Our Fearless Leader, Denise, with her 3 kids

 Manager, Angie, with her 3 boys and her husband

Graphic & Web Designer and Blog Collab Manager, Brooke with her 3 kiddos

To all of the mommies out there: Happy Mothers Day! We are so happy to have you guys on this journey with us. Thanks for all of the support and love that you have given us since we relaunched in February. It has been the craziest, most exhausting, most incredible 3 months of my life. And I know I couldn't have done it without the "Moms". 

  • Arielle Boardman

Mother's Day $100 Gift Card Giveaway

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OWB Teaming Up With Destiny Rescue

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For the month of May, OWB is teaming up with Destiny Rescue, an organization that is devoted to saving the lives of children who have been sold in to slavery. In 2014, Destiny Rescue rescued their 1000th child. We are bound and determined to make sure that they will rescue more, with our amazing customers' help.

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  • Arielle Boardman

Summer Dresses

I can always tell when spring or summer is close by the amount of wedding and baby shower invitations I get in the mail. I'm half excited for the new changes happening in my friends and family's life, and half sad that I have to start shaving my legs (ladies, am I right?) and finding something to wear to all of these soirées. But when OWB got all of these adorable dresses in, it instantly made life easier! Not only are these dresses adorable for those formal events like weddings, but some of these beauties are perfect for Girl's Night Out, a day at the beach, and those summer BBQ's! 

The Venice Zig Zag Sun Dress

This is the kind of dress that you can go to the beach, spend a day in your bikini and then throw this baby on and go to dinner. This fun zig zag pattern is so flattering! 


The Boston Tank Dress

This backless dress is so stunning! This is hanging in my closet ready to be worn to the weddings I have coming up this summer! And after all mushy stuff is over, it's a great little outfit to wear for Girl's Night Out! 


The Kensington Striped Dress

We are having a little British moment here at OWB. We are always daydreaming about vacations to London, and we are totally unabashedly obsessed with Kate Middleton (the girl has got some serious style...). This dress is perfect for those fashionable graduates, the final high school dance, or any formal event you've got going on! 



OWB has so many adorable choices to help you feel stylish at all your summer events! The possibilities are endless! What trend are you looking forward too this summer?