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At OWB we are pretty big on Girl Power. We think that it's time for women to stop the shaming (mommy shaming, body shaming, etc. etc.) and start empowering each other. Every Wednesday we will feature a woman who we admire, someone who is shaping their own world and and supporting others at the same time. These women are mommies, business owners, authors, artists, wives and many other things. We thought it would be perfect to have Niki Cox as our first WWL spotlight. Niki is the insanely talented artist that designed our very own OWB logo! She works side by side by her husband Cevin as an artist for their family business Cox Family Gallery. She has done custom work for homes, churches, and canvas oil paintings. She is also a mommy to three gorgeous kids! We are so thrilled to have her be our first WWL!

OWB: What is your definition of Girl Power? 

Niki: My definition of Girl Power can be summed up in one phrase: be true to yourself. There is pressure in our society to compare ourselves in every aspect among women. Being truly true to the identity God created you to be will release you from so many unnecessary stresses. Real power is in truth.

What do you look for in a strong female mentor? Who are some women who have influenced you? 

In a strong female mentor, I look for two main attributes. 1. Someone who measure success in happiness, rather than money or physical achievements. And 2. Someone who loves others enough to look outside their own world to make a difference in the world. I have been deeply influenced by Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller, and my dear grandmothers.

When did you know art was your passion?

Art has been my passion since I could hold a pencil. My grandfather was an artist and introduced me to the basics of drawing before I entered kindergarten.

Where do you seek inspiration for your art or your life? 

I do get inspiration for my art from people's situations and personal experiences. But probably the majority of my ideas come from the Bible and my passion for God.

What advice do you have for young artists that want to pursue art as a career?

My advice to young artists is to persevere. The art world is not always easy when you are getting started. You will always have fans. You will have critics. The key is not to let negative influences keep you from sticking with your goals. Continue on without getting discouraged and you will find success.

To learn more about Cox Family Gallery and see more of their awesome work you can visit their Etsy Store or their Facebook page! 

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