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At OWB, we are total bookworms! Give us a good book and some Starbucks and we will call it a perfect day! One amazing woman is making sure female authors are heard loud and clear. In addition to fostering a love of literacy within her unprivileged high school students, Jennifer O'Regan has many noteworthy philanthropic accolades. During her husband's plight with cancer – she single-handedly raised over 3,000 books for the Johns Hopkins Hospital Oncology Patient Library. Jennifer is now sharing her unbridled passion for reading via Confessions of a Bookaholic--a page dedicated to celebrating female authors. And we totally think that makes her a Woman We Love! 

What is your definition of girl power?

GIRL POWER is the embodiment of a multitude of things: unabashedly being one’s authentic self, empowering other women at every turn, pursuing one’s passions with unbridled abandon, and carrying oneself with grace and decorum.

Who are some of the women that inspire you?

My dear friend Laura Matteson is a remarkably inspiring woman. In the wake of unimaginable tragedy, she lives her life courageously, honestly, and thoughtfully. She is a beacon of light and goodness. My mother, Nancy, Aunt Eileen, and Aunt Sharon were hugely instrumental in shaping the woman I am today. They instilled the values of kindness, generosity, and self-respect at a tender age. They remain my loving confidants; wise women who live their lives with poise and integrity.

What made you decide to become a teacher?

My father, Dennis, inspired me to become a teacher. His passion for educating was infectious. Known for his trademark wit, wisdom, and warmth, he remains one of the most beloved teachers in my hometown’s history. (He’s a veritable celebrity at local grocery stores and shopping centers!)

What is the most fulfilling thing about being a teacher?

Knowing that my work has genuine purpose—that in some small way I may have shaped the life of another human being. It’s awe-inspiring and humbling.

You raised thousands of books for the John Hopkins Hospital Oncology Patient Library while your husband was a patient there—which is AMAZING! What made you decide to do that?

I remain infinitely indebted to the brilliant doctors, nurses, and staff at Johns Hopkins for saving my husband’s life. I felt the very least I could do was organize a book drive.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t sweat the small stuff and buy stock in Apple!

Jennifer is now sharing her unbridled passion for reading via Confessions of a Bookaholic—a page dedicated to celebrating female authors. Follow her on Facebook (Jennifer Tropea O’Regan) and Twitter (@Jenny_Oregan).

Thanks so much Jennifer for taking time to tell us about your amazing self!


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