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Teresa Collins is a total #GirlBoss. She is right in the middle of building an amazing empire, Teresa Collins Designs, she does everything from designing scrapbook paper to apparel to office products. You can see her gorgeous face on HSN, QVC and My Craft Channel. She is not only an amazing entrepreneur, but she is incredibly kind and is all about empowering other women. We are so excited to have her as our Women We Love this week! 

1.) What is your definition of Girl Power?

We are here to  inspire and help each other. We are here to LIFT other women up. GIRL POWER is never passing judgment but support for one another. GO US!!!! We are a TEAM.

2.) What do you look for in a female mentor? Who are some women that inspire you?

I am inspired by CONFIDENT, STRONG but KIND women. I love Oprah. She helped me to see that I can do anything that I set my mind too, even faced with tremendous obstacles.

3.) Your motto is "Be A Warrior", what does it mean to you to be a warrior?

A warrior to me is a person who is knocked down and has struggles but continues to STAND up and realize that they can FACE anything and FEARLESSLY be YOU during the trial. A WARRIOR is someone who never gives up and knows that no matter what YOU can face hard things. Just don't give up...ever!

4.) How do you find inspiration?

I love positive affirmations and words that EMPOWER me. I use it in my life and in my designs. Life truly inspires me, along with my design background. I love to design pretty things for women.

5.) What is your advice to women looking to get started in their career?

FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Don't go into anything with negative thoughts. Be POSITIVE and POSITIVE things happen.



You can check out Teresa's amazing blog here: http://www.teresacollinsdesignsblog.com/

Teresa's FB: https://www.facebook.com/tcdesigns?fref=ts

She has an awesome Instagram too! Her handle is: @teresacollinsdesigns


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