Summer Dresses


I can always tell when spring or summer is close by the amount of wedding and baby shower invitations I get in the mail. I'm half excited for the new changes happening in my friends and family's life, and half sad that I have to start shaving my legs (ladies, am I right?) and finding something to wear to all of these soirées. But when OWB got all of these adorable dresses in, it instantly made life easier! Not only are these dresses adorable for those formal events like weddings, but some of these beauties are perfect for Girl's Night Out, a day at the beach, and those summer BBQ's! 

The Venice Zig Zag Sun Dress

This is the kind of dress that you can go to the beach, spend a day in your bikini and then throw this baby on and go to dinner. This fun zig zag pattern is so flattering! 


The Boston Tank Dress

This backless dress is so stunning! This is hanging in my closet ready to be worn to the weddings I have coming up this summer! And after all mushy stuff is over, it's a great little outfit to wear for Girl's Night Out! 


The Kensington Striped Dress

We are having a little British moment here at OWB. We are always daydreaming about vacations to London, and we are totally unabashedly obsessed with Kate Middleton (the girl has got some serious style...). This dress is perfect for those fashionable graduates, the final high school dance, or any formal event you've got going on! 



OWB has so many adorable choices to help you feel stylish at all your summer events! The possibilities are endless! What trend are you looking forward too this summer? 


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  • Arielle Boardman