OWB Teaming Up With Destiny Rescue


Every child deserves a magical and wonderful childhood. Unfortunately, many won't get to have that. UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) reported in 2012 that the percentage of child victims of human trafficking had risen from 20% to 27% in just 3 years. Human trafficking is a $3.2 BILLION industry, surpassing illegal sale of arms, and it is on track to pass the sale of illegal drugs within a few years (Ark Of Hope For Children). 

For the month of May, OWB is teaming up with Destiny Rescue, an organization that is devoted to saving the lives of children who have been sold in to slavery. In 2014, Destiny Rescue rescued their 1000th child. We are bound and determined to make sure that they will rescue more, with our amazing customers' help.

When you purchase a Give To Love Tee, a Survivor Sierra Tee, or a Happy Tee, 20% of the proceeds will go to Destiny Rescue. Those funds will go to rescuing and empowering children, and giving them the chance of a better life. 


Starting TODAY thru Sunday, with every purchase of a Give To Love Tee, Survivor Sierra Tee, or a Happy Tee, we will give you a FREE Star Necklace. 



Please help us in our mission to end child trafficking! Click here to learn more about Destiny Rescue. 

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  • Arielle Boardman